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What was once a desert is now a multi-cultural, highly developed and fast paced city. Technology has brought a multitude of advancements during the centuries of its developments. However, despite working zealously to bring major changes in the lifestyle, facilities, and various other things to make life better, we still cannot change the natural environments of a place.

In some places Mother Nature is harsh with her wrath of sweltering summer season and people are unable to find relief to cool down. Therefore, technological advancements has brought us to a substitute to solve this natural dilemma, which is… the Air Conditioner! Air conditioning or in short, AC, has brought huge changes in hot, blazing regions like Dubai. No longer do people have to go outside and sweat profusely in bazaars or anywhere in the city! The air conditioning system is found is all nooks and crannies of the luxurious city.


The Air filters

We live in Dubai, the place that was once a desert. The air particles have dust in it that is more like bits of poison for the A.C if it enters into it. To stop the debris or particles entering in it, air filters are used. Air filters make sure the proper flow of air that is conditioned into a cool air by several processes. If air is not entering properly, the system will collapse. If the air filters are dirty, the choke the air that is extremely dangerous. Our professionals clean the filters according to the standards or replace them if needed. The clogged filters can also lead to the freezing of the inner unit if there is no proper flow of air.

The Refrigerant Leaks

One of the most common problems that occurs in AC is the leak of refrigerant. Refrigerant is a substance that converts the air into a cold one. So when your AC stops producing cool air, the main reason behind it is usually low refrigerant. As refrigerant are present in the coils that are made up of metal, it may have corrode that become the reason of the leakages. Sometimes, there is a leakage in the valves too. Our experts look deep into the situation and find out the root cause of the problem. Due to extreme skillsets, our professionals catch the problem and work on it so that you can again enjoy the trouble free cool air.

The Thermostat

You turn on your AC, switch it to 16 Celsius as it is extremely hot and wait for the room to cool in an instant. You keep on waiting but even after hours it’s not cool enough. There might be different reasons for it and that’s why our services are available for you. Having a lot of experience, we can easily analyze the problems. Sometimes thermostats are not functioning properly. It means that you command the AC to run at 16 Celsius but the input AC takes is 24 Celsius. The thermostat settings can be done by our professionals without any hassles. We also have a wide experience in calibrating it.

The wiring Issues

The AC runs on electricity. It is of dire importance that all the wirings are done properly so that there are no problems of conduction of electricity. Sometimes the AC units stop working due to the usual power dripping. The main issues that arise are sometimes the wiring or installation that hasn’t been done properly. Our experts have proper training of AC installation and have installed hundreds of unit without any complaints.

Overall Service

The special feature of our AC services is the complete service of the AC units that are indoor and outdoor. Our professionals have an elucidated look into your AC. We disassemble all the parts, looks for faults or any other problems. We do proper maintenance. Repair the parts that are needed to be and replace the parts that are of no use anymore. We clean the parts and get rid of any dirt or debris that is stuck to it.

Why Us

Like cars, and other machines, air conditioners require servicing every once in a while. Maintenance and reparation of air conditioner is important for its proper working. AC Maintenance Dubai provides amazing first-rate services and deliver our customers only the best. With professionals having high expertise, we guarantee you that your air conditioner is being dealt with safe and reliable hands. Why are you still thinking about it? Contact us now and get your air conditioner or its system repaired in the most reasonable costs and have no regrets!


Now people can stay protected from the severe weather conditions of the city and go out whenever and wherever they want! We at AC Maintenance Dubai offer numerous services to resolve the issues regarding air conditioners. Our team of professionals are always available at hand to do your bidding and your air conditioner’s! With a generous amount of experience and expert techniques, our experts can make your air conditioner new in no time! Besides providing outstanding quality services, our service rates are equally amazing. They are affordable and pocket-friendly for everyone in Dubai!

We provide number of services related to A.C. The common problems that may occur in A.C are due to the faults in its basic components or the lack of maintenance. Our professionals have high expertise in the field. We are able to diagnose the problem and only perform the tasks that are required. A fault in any component will ultimately lead to the stoppage of A.C. But you don’t have to worry, we have got solution to your every problem.

AC Maintenance Dubai has excellent customer service, we are the best air conditioner repair and maintenance company in Dubai.

Air conditioner is a combination of different mechanical and electrical parts. Various issues come as the time passes on. Let’s discuss some of the common issues and the solutions we provide.

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